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Demand for prolapse surgery is increasing and techniques are evolving.
Pregnant women are worried, and their concern is warranted. Here is what we know now and what’s being done about this health crisis.
Expanded screening answers questions that were unanswerable in the past, but brings with it new uncertainties.
The problems go beyond fetal metabolic programming. Obesity has effects on fetal neurodevelopment.
Interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS) is now recognized as a common etiology in women with chronic pelvic pain.
Zika Virus
Are MRI scans safe during pregnancy?

A study examines the safety of MRI scans during pregnancy. Plus: Researchers at Florida State University identify several ...

When to consider a Zika diagnosis
8 Zika virus facts and tips
Is Zika linked to another birth defect?
Latest on a Zika virus vaccine (VIDEO)
Taking Sides: Should ob/gyns prescribe flibanserin for ...

A look at the pros and cons of this new drug for women with low sexual desire.

Strategies to minimize liability ...

Given the crucial role pediatricians play in the health of children and in the US healthcare system in general, it is ...

Why you should pay attention to ...
Informed consent Is evolving: Now what?
Legally Speaking: Was this forceps ...
Product Reviews
Tools Test Drive: Electro Lube and WiCAM

Dr Greenberg reports on his results with an anti-stick solution for electrosurgery and a wireless endoscope camera.

Product Reviews: Clear-Trac V ...

Charles Lockwood, MD, MHCM EDITORIAL

Dr. Lockwood, Editor-in-Chief, is Dean of the Morsani College of Medicine and Senior Vice President of USF Health, University of South Florida, Tampa.

Yalda Afshar, MD, PhDBLOG

Dr. Afshar is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of California, Los Angeles

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