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Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton is president of Words Come Alive, based in Boca Raton, Florida.
Soaring drug costs leave derms, patients scrambling
The costs of popular drugs—even generics—in dermatology are soaring, leaving patients scrambling for coverage or financial assistance and dermatologists spending precious hours on prior authorizations, drug appeals and reviews. In this first of a five-part series, experts and patients help define the problem.
Reigniting your passion for dermatology through Tao Te Ching
Reigniting your passion for dermatology through Tao Te Ching
Dermatologists share the calming lessons of Tao Te Ching as a way to combat work and life stress.
Barcelona-based ISDIN launches U.S. derm products
ISDIN, a Barcelona-based dermatological solutions company, launched a handful of products in the U.S. in July and plans to expand its presence, as well as add a line of cosmeceuticals, before the close of 2016.
Best practices for treating severe sun damage
The goal of treatment for severely sun-damaged patients’ lesions is field therapy, which not only treats what dermatologists see, but also subclinical disease.
Syphilis cases climb
Syphilis has made a resurgence in the U.S., with the number of new cases increasing annually for the last 15 years. New screening recommendations identify patient populations that require at least annual screenings. An expert shares what all this means for dermatologists.
First do no Mohs harm
An expert advises evaluating each patient’s surrounding circumstances when determining whether Mohs surgery is indicated.
New target could predict melanoma
New information could eventually help identify a high-risk population before they get cancer — even prevent skin cancer’s onset.
Behind the hype in stem cell therapy
Stem cell use in dermatology is part hype and part investigational reality. Experts help separate fact from fiction.
Help for patients with life-altering scars
Help for patients with life-altering scars
New technology aims to create a new paradigm in the medical care for survivors of burns and traumatic scars. Jill Waibel shares her experience using lasers for trauma rehabilitation. New non-profit hopes to help injured military heroes and first responders.
Derm describes transformative experience
Derm describes transformative experience
It’s quite a sacrifice to close your practice for a mission trip. One doctor describes her experience and offers resources for other dermatologists interested in volunteering.