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Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton is president of Words Come Alive, based in Boca Raton, Florida.
Merger to boost eczema offerings
Pfizer and Anacor Pharmaceuticals announced in May that the pharmaceutical companies merged with Pfizer acquiring Anacor for about $5.2 billion. Dermatologists say merger is a good move for patients.
Hard water in home linked to eczema in infancy
Hard water in home linked to eczema in infancy
This is an interesting and credible study of infants, suggesting there probably is a link, one expert notes. It remains to be seen whether water softeners and chlorine filters should be recommended one day. Read more on the data.
Topical inhibits sebum to control acne
The investigational sebum-inhibiting topical DRM01 had positive results in a phase 2b study, which paves the way for phase 3 trials planned for 2017.
EWG releases 2016 sunscreen recommendations
EWG, which focuses on consumer and environmental health, claims that 72 percent of 750 available sunscreens the group evaluated offer inferior protection or contain ingredients that could harm skin. Some pediatric dermatologists weigh in.
Investigational topical promising underarm sweat treatment
Results indicate an investigational topical anticholinergic product in development for patients with primary axillary hyperhidrosis may offer patients an effective new treatment option if approved.
Texas tops best cities for skin
Texas tops best cities for skin
The authors of a recent ranking scored cities according to 17 key metrics, including “melanoma incidence rate per 100,000 residents,” “ultraviolet index” and “number of days with extreme temperatures,” to “number of dermatologists.” This and more can be found on WalletHub’s analysis comparing 150 of the largest American cities.
Professionalism in social media is a balancing act
To establish and maintain a professional medical image in social media, pay careful attention to the content of posts. Be aware that social media content is admissible as evidence in courts of law.
Gene tests predicts melanoma staging
A gene expression profile test rivals sentinel node biopsy in predicting distant metastasis in stage 1 and stage 2 melanoma, according to results from a new multicenter performance study.
Review examines psoriasis, smoking link
A recent paper sheds light on the relationship between smoking and psoriasis. Results offer a whole scenario related to the impact of smoking on psoriasis.
Nonprofit supports skin cancer prevention
Nonprofit supports skin cancer prevention
Make Big Change is a grassroots nonprofit that focuses on putting dispensers with free sunscreen around public outdoor areas nationwide. The dispensers come with infographics that communicate sun exposure dangers and prevention benefits.