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Judith M. Orvos, ELS
Judith M. Orvos, ELS, is a a BELS-certified medical writer and editor and an editorial consultant for Contemporary OB/GYN.
CDC reports on infant versus fetal mortality
The CDC issues a report on the fetal and infant mortality rates. And, could a blood marker indicate that some women have a greater risk of developing postpartum depression? Plus: Does premature birth have a psychological impact on the infant?
Ramifications of pelvic exam guidelines
Have pelvic guideline changes led to a reduction in other recommended screenings? Plus, how does menopause impact future cardiovascular health? And: Does childhood stress lead to negative obstetric outcomes?
Are antidepressants as a drug class linked to birth defects?
A new study sheds some light on the risk profile of antidepressants. Plus: do women experience the same blood pressure elevation following alcohol consumption as men? And, do feminine products provide another source of exposure to phthalates?
ACA’s impact on women’s spending for contraception
ACA’s impact on women’s spending for contraception
A study examines the impact of Obamacare on how much women have to spend for contraceptives. Plus, do smoking and preterm delivery increase the risk of cardiovascular disease? And: Are the benefits of mammograms overblown?
Umbilical cord milking versus delayed cord clamping
A new study looks at the potential benefits of umbilical cord "milking." Plus: is the verdict on long-term benefits for mid-urethral slings in?
D&C as a risk factor for preterm birth
A recent meta-analysis examines if D&C can lead to future premature birth. Plus, does counseling on LARCs lead to a reduction in pregnancy rates. And: does exposure to DDT while in utero mean an increased risk of breast cancer later in life?
D&C and preterm birth: Is there a connection?
A study looks at a possible connection between dilatation and curettage (D&C) and preterm birth.
Is 1 dose of HPV vaccine as effective as 3?
A new study examines the efficacy of a single dose of the HPV vaccine for preventions. Plus: What's the optimal time for inserting a contraceptive implant after delivery? And: A case study wonders if NIPT can help diagnose cancer in the mother.
Newborn PPH from antidepressant use?
Using SSRI late in pregnancy may increase the risk of persistent pulmonary hypertension in a newborn. Plus, hormone therapy may help mood in early postmenopause; use of mesh for prolapse on the rise
Morcellator manufacturer investigated by FBI
The FBI is investigating how much the manufacturer knew about the safety of the design. Plus, how does the clotting profile of new oral contraceptives compare to earlier formulations and a look at the impact of the PALB2 mutation on breast cancer prognosis.