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Judith M. Orvos, ELS
Judith M. Orvos, ELS, is a a BELS-certified medical writer and editor and an editorial consultant for Contemporary OB/GYN.
Are bisphosphonates really effective?
A new study asks if bisphosphonates are truly effective at preventing fractures as a result of osteoporosis. Plus: What does weight gain between pregnancy mean for neonatal health? Also, do saturated fat levels indicate breast cancer?
Guidance from CDC on Zika test results
The CDC has released new guidelines for interpreting Zika virus tests. Also, is the trend for triplet and higher-order birth rate going up or down? Plus: Do preemies benefit from maternal vaccines?
Misoprostol versus dinoprostone for labor induction
A recent study in Austria looked at the results in more than 200 labor inductions.
Do flame retardants increase risk of thyroid disease?
Are women who exposed to flame retardants at greater risk of thyroid disease? Plus: A look at the potential connection between maternal smoking status and risk of the child developing schizophrenia. Also, can telephone therapy help menopausal women get better sleep?
Is endometriosis as tied to infertility as we think?
Is endometriosis as tied to infertility as we think?
A new study questions whether the risk of infertility linked to endometriosis is as bad as previously thought.
Does ovary removal increase colorectal cancer risk?
Do sex hormone level changes from ovary removal increase colorectal cancer risk? Plus: The CDC releases the newest information on the birth rate among teenagers. Also, a look at the impact of hyperglycemia and excessive weight gain on offspring.
Are breast density letters too dense?
A new study looks at whether breast density letters are too difficult for the typical woman to understand. Plus: The FDA issues a warning on fluconazole and miscarriage. Also, do irregular menses provide protection against ovarian cancer or increase risk?
Can a healthful diet reduce hypertension risk with GDM history?
Does a healthy diet reduce the risk of high blood pressure in women who had a history of gestational diabetes? Also, a new meta-analysis indicates that a way to predict preeclampsia may be possible. Plus: A look at the impact of preconception lifestyle on pregnancy loss.
Do ovary-sparing hysterectomies lead to early menopause?
A new study looks at whether ovary-sparing hysterectomies can lead to early menopause. Plus: Does betamethasone reduce respiratory complications in preterm infants? Also, the impact of the vaginal microbiome on preterm birth.
CDC declares Zika virus teratogenic
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have declared Zika teratogenic. Also, a look at whether the HPV vaccine is as effective in women with kidney disease. Plus: What impact does cannabis have on adverse outcomes for mom and baby?