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Charles J Lockwood, MD, MHCM
Dr Lockwood, Editor-in-Chief, is Dean of the Morsani College of Medicine and Senior Vice President of USF Health, University of South Florida, Tampa. He can be reached at [email protected]
Endgame for postmenopausal hormone therapy?
In view of the recent publication by Chlebowski et al linking menopausal hormone therapy and progestin with breast cancer, clinicians are asking whether it is time to stop prescribing even short courses of such treatment.
Understanding the new group B streptococcal guidelines
On November 19, 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released updated guidelines for the prevention of neonatal group B streptococcal GBS infections, which replace the 2002 CDC guidelines.
New guidance on an old problem: Management of intrapartum fetal heart rate tracings
The publication of the National Institute of Child and Health and Human Development recommendations for fetal heart rate interpretation in 1997 brought a major shift in the approach to intrapartum monitoring by standardizing the reading, analysis, and documentation of FHR and uterine contraction tracings.
Keepsake fetal ultrasounds
Recently, we had a patient referred to us at the beginning of her third trimester because of suspected abnormalities on an office scan. The patient had a "keepsake" ultrasound performed at 15 weeks, with her extended family in attendance, and came to us with the pictures. She had not been told that there were any abnormalities, and although the images she showed us clearly did not look normal, it was evident that she had been reassured by the scan.
Implementing checklists may require a culture change in operating room
After my colleagues and I implemented a highly successful obstetric safety program at Yale New Haven Hospital to reduce adverse outcomes, we naively thought we could easily duplicate our safety efforts in the operating room for gynecologic surgeries by implementing a checklist such as one we had read about in an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
More seafood for pregnant women?
I returned from my summer vacation convinced that pregnant women should eat more seafood. My wife and I along with 3 other couples, including 3 ob/gyns, "bareboated" a sloop and sailed down Italy's Amalfi coast.
Summer reading: Learning how to fly in a hospital
The author's suggested reading is a thin book titled, Why Hospitals Should Fly: The Ultimate Flight Plan to Patient Safety and Quality Care, which he says has the potential to change one's professional life.
Use of federal medical eligibility criteria provides evidence on contraceptive method risks and benefits
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released the first US version of the World Health Organization's advisory on Medical Eligibility Criteria for various contraceptive methods.
Viewpoint: Is it time for physicians to have an 80-hour attending workweek?
I recall I took some comfort in that adage during my residency. However, such bravado was representative of a different era, a time when 36-hour calls, 120-hour workweeks, and 1 weekend off a month were seen as rites of passage crucial to the creation of competent physicians.
A national integrated electronic health record system would benefit everyone
It is time to implement an integrated electronic health record (IEHR) system in every physician's office and hospital, according to Dr. Lockwood.