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Charles J Lockwood, MD, MHCM
Dr Lockwood, Editor-in-Chief, is Dean of the Morsani College of Medicine and Senior Vice President of USF Health, University of South Florida, Tampa. He can be reached at [email protected]
Roundtable: The ob/gyn and legal liability: condition critical, Part 2
As described in the first half of this roundtable (see Contemporary OB/GYN, November 2004), the professional liability insurance crisis has had a broad and pernicious impact on the country's obstetrician/ gynecologists. As they conclude the discussion, the panelists move from reflecting on how the crisis came about to speculating about the prospects for reforming--or even completely replacing--the current tort system.
Editorial: The perfect job
Imagine practicing gynecology and performing the most challenging surgeries day and night without worrying about malpractice suits, managed-care pre-authorization, or CPT and ICD-9 codes. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have no concerns about being paid and patients who are grateful for care even when the outcome isn't perfect? That would never happen in this country but it's a scenario experienced by health-care professionals affiliated with PRN Relief International. These dedicated individuals minister to some of the planet's most needy—and grateful—patients. I was fortunate to be able to serve with them recently in Jamaica and it's an experience I'll never forget.
Cesarean delivery (Part 3): Is it time to embrace elective procedures?
In June 2000, I arrived a few minutes late to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' headquarters for a meeting of the Committee on Obstetric Practice. As Chair, I was used to dealing with political hot potatoes, but that day, I was handed a real sizzler. Earlier that morning, then ACOG president, Benjamin Harer, MD, speaking for himself and not the College, had seemingly endorsed "elective" cesarean deliveries (CD) in an interview with Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America." After watching an excerpt of the interview in which Dr. Harer debated a non-physician advocate of home VBACs attended by midwives, I was struck by the logic of his arguments and his grace under fire. Yet it fell to my committee to restate ACOG's official position against such surgeries, which we did in a press release
Roundtable: The ob/gyn and legal liability: condition critical, Part 1
It's hard to imagine a more serious crisis than the current legal liability debacle facing American ob/gyns. Dr. Charles Lockwood has gathered the profession's thought leaders to help analyze its complexities and discuss possible solutions.
Editorial: Cesarean delivery (Part 2): Managing the logjam
Last month, I reviewed the factors that have driven the dramatic increase in cesarean delivery (CD) rates over the past several years. This month, I'll review the potential impact of this trend on a "typical" obstetric service. While both staff and physical capacity will be taxed by increased CD rates, I believe that patient safety may also be threatened as a result of the incremental demand on limited obstetrical operating room (OR) availability. I offer several strategies to manage the coming chaos.
Editorial: Why the CD rate is on the rise (Part 1)
Ob/gyns with even a little gray hair have witnessed an extraordinary evolution in our collective thinking about cesarean delivery (CD) over the past three decades. I believe that a variety of factors are behind high CD rates in the United States, and that continued increases are inevitable.
Editorial: Expert medical courts: An idea whose time has come
We may have seen the first glimmer of light in the otherwise dark tunnel of the professional liability insurance crisis. On July 12, during a speech at the National Press Club, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist proposed "an expert medical court system with transparent decisions, limits on punitive damages, and scheduled compensatory damages to provide rapid relief to truly injured patients (instead of trial lawyers)" while holding negligent doctors accountable.
Editorial: John Edwards: The wrong prescription for ob/gyns!!
Ending months of speculation, Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) has picked Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) as his running mate. Kerry's choice offers insights into his administration's likely health-care priorities. And unfortunately for ob/gyns, it also raises profound concerns about the prospects for federal tort reform during a Kerry-Edwards administration.