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Miranda Hester
Ms. Hester is Content Specialist with Contemporary OB/GYN and Contemporary Pediatrics.
Zika on the ground: Clinical impact update
An update on the Zika virus and its impact on your practice. And, a look at whether or not vaginal delivery increases risk of incontinence. Plus: What was the impact of the HPV vaccine on HPV rates?
Does prehypertension in pregnancy increase risk of stillbirth?
A look at the impact of prehypertension on the risk of stillbirth. And, the CDC issues guidance on alcohol consumption in women of childbearing years. Plus: Does the type of hysterectomy alter endometrial cancer survival?
Impact of menopause on migraine frequency
Do women suffer from more migraines as they transition into menopause? Plus: A report indicates that hospitals may not be adequately supporting breastfeeding in teenaged mothers. And, a look at prenatal exposure to bronchodilators and autism.
Safety of in-hospital versus out-of-hospital births
A population-based retrospective cohort study by researchers from Oregon is adding new data to the ongoing debate about the safety of giving birth outside of the hospital versus in the hospital.
Does infertility treatment increase risk of developmental delay?
A prospective cohort study looked at a possible link.
Too much of a good thing could be hampering IVF success
A new study looks at whether high doses of some hormones are impeding IVF success. Plus: Do progesterone supplements help women with a history of unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss?
Can Apgar scores also predict maternal health?
Research looks at whether the Apgar score can be an indicator of maternal health as well. Plus: Do important reproductive milestones have an impact on long-term health? And, using another imaging tool for breast cancer detection.
United States scores barely passing grade on premature birth
The March of Dimes releases their annual report card on the United States and prematurity. Plus: Can anything be done about HPV vaccine rates? Also, a look at the place of ultrasound in breast cancer detection.
Does preeclampsia increase risk of infant heart defects?
A population analysis examines if preeclampsia may serve as a warning sign for heart defects in the neonate. Also, do chlamydia antibodies mean reduced fertility? Plus: Can ovary removal help CVD risk in diabetic women?
Essure and the risks of reoperation
A new study examines the risk:benefit of the Essure device. And, does anti-osteoporosis medication in the wake of a fragility fracture reduce the risk of a future fracture? Plus: What role do high maternal blood glucose levels play in her child's future cardiovascular health?