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Miranda Hester
Ms. Hester is Content Specialist with Contemporary OB/GYN and Contemporary Pediatrics.
How much do women understand about breast density? And other current research
A research round-up on how much women understand about breast density and the role of lycopene in kidney cancer risk. Plus, NICHD pledges money for research into the placenta.
Largest insurer requiring preauthorization for some hysterectomies
In the latest volley in the ongoing controversy regarding the safety of some forms of hysterectomy, the country’s largest insurer will soon begin requiring prior authorization for many of the procedures. The action, taken by UnitedHealthCare, takes effect April 6, 2015 and does not apply to outpatient vaginal surgeries.
Menopause counseling hot flash: Persistent VMS more common in African-Americans and more new research
A review of the latest research on the persistence of vasomotor symptoms, the link between hormone therapy and ovarian cancer risk, and the prevalence of substance use in pregnant adolescents.
Latest research: Does spontaneous preterm birth increase risk of CVD?
Contemporary OB/GYN provides information on the latest research on the possibility of a link between cardiovascular disease and spontaneous preterm birth; whether or not contraceptive expiration dates might be conservative; and helping answer the question of whether or not the HPV vaccine causes more sexual activity.
UK approves three-parent fertility treatments and more research
A form of assisted reproductive technology that could make it possible for women with mutations in mitochondrial DNA to give birth to children free of mitochondrial disease has been approved by UK’s House of Commons. A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) committee is considering granting similar approval for use of the technique—known as oocyte modification or three-parent gene therapy—in the United States.
Are common chemicals associated with earlier onset of menopause?
Are common chemicals associated with earlier onset of menopause?
A study of a representative sample of US women shows a clinically significant association between early menopause and exposure to 15 different endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
Are severe menopause symptoms a bellwether of bone health?
Are severe menopause symptoms a bellwether of bone health?
Women with more severe vasomotor symptoms and night sweats may be at risk of having poorer bone health, according to a prospective observational study.
Perinatal outcomes improving for ART infants
A Nordic study of more than 92,000 children shows that perinatal outcomes after use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) have improved considerably in the past 20 years.
Working nights linked to increased diabetes risk in black women
Black women who work the night shift may be at greater risk of incident type 2 diabetes, according to recent results from an ongoing prospective cohort study. The more time a woman spent working a night shift, the authors also found, the higher the risk of the disease.
Metabolic syndrome linked to increased risk of endometrial cancer
According to a new study, women aged 65 and older who have metabolic syndrome may be at higher risk of developing all types of endometrial cancer.