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Dawn Collins, JD
MS COLLINS is an attorney specializing in medical malpractice in Long Beach, California. She welcomes feedback on this column via e-mail. Click on the envelope icon to email.
Legal: Delay in diagnosing bladder cancer
Gynecologist fails to diagnose bladder cancer for 2 years.
Legal: Failure to follow up on breast mass in pregnancy
No follow up was given to a woman with lump on breast after baby is born.
Legal: Bowel injury alleged during laparoscopy
A woman having laparoscopic surgery sustains bowel injury.
Legal: Ureter injury during ovary removal
A 67-year-old woman who had surgery for ovary removal experiences ureter injury.
Legal: Vacuum extractor during C/S causes brain damage
A 39-year-old woman who would have had a hard time delivering vaginally, had an elective C/S, and a vacuum extractor was used to deliver the head.
Legal: Was C/S in twins with spontaneous ROM delayed?
A woman was admitted to the hospital with a twin pregnancy and spontaneous rupture of membranes.
Legal: Excessive traction blamed for Erb's palsy
After complicated delivery with shoulder dystocia, child sustains posterior brachial plexus injury, resulting in Erb's palsy.
Legal: Failed episiotomy repair
After woman delivers and is discharged from hospital, she is found to have rectal-vaginal fistula.
Legal: Permanent incontinence and CP?
After forceps delivery and fourth-degree laceration, patient sues for ineffective repair, suffers from incontinence, and the child has CP.
Legal: Failed vacuum and forceps results in CP
Pregnant teenager goes into labor and family practitioner attempts delivery using vacuum extractor.