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Dawn Collins, JD
Maternal death from intracranial hemorrhage
Did her family physician meet the standard-of-care?
Retained foreign object after gyn surgery
A woman sues after a surgical needle was accidentally left in the patient during a vaginal prolapse surgery. Plus more cases.
Brain injury allegedly caused by forceps
When the head of a Kansas woman's baby did not descend easily, the nursemidwife managing the labor sought an obstetrician’s intervention. The obstetrician used forceps to assist the delivery. The parents sued the obstetrician after the delivery alleging the infant suffered a skull fracture, lacerated ear, bruising around his scalp, and bleeding in the brain as a result of the forceps. What's the verdict? Plus more cases.
Detecting abnormalities, documenting options
A California woman was 35-years-old when she delivered an infant with severe Down's syndrome and then sued all those involved with the prenatal care and alleged that both physicians were told the parents wanted all available testing because of a family history of birth defects. What's the verdict? Plus more cases.
IUD blamed for multiple miscarriages
A woman sues her ob/gyn claiming that 3 miscarriages occurred because of an IUD that the ob/gyn believed had been expelled shortly after implantation, but was subsequently found using abdominal x-ray. Plus more cases.
OB ignores nursing supervisor, fractures infant’s skull
"Reckless" forceps use ends in disaster.
Legally Speaking: Patient sues after wrong ovary removed
This case illustrates the importance of obtaining informed consent for any procedure.
Maternal death from intracranial hemorrhage
A 34-year-old Ohio woman was under the care of her longtime family physician, who had minor privileges to deliver uncomplicated pregnancies at a specific hospital, for her pregnancy. The woman is diagnosed with eclampsia in her third trimester and is immediately given a cesarean. After delivery, she is unresponsive having died from a massive intracranial hemorrhage. The physician is sued for fraudulently representing her abilities in obstetric care. What's the verdict?
Legally Speaking: Pre-trial agreements alter monetary awards
Two cases illustrate how jury verdicts and awards to plaintiffs may differ drastically in medical malpractice trials.
Legally Speaking: Claim of failure to test for cystic fibrosis
This case emphasizes the importance of keeping detailed records of each patient encounter.