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Javier F. Magrina, MD
Dr. Magrina is the Barbara Woodward Lipps Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Gynecologic Surgery, Mayo Clinic Arizona.
Avoiding complications in endoscopic surgery
Planning up front for an endoscopic gynecologic surgical procedure is the best way to prevent an injury or complication.
VIDEO: Prevention of ureteral injury in endoscopic hysterectomy
Javier F Magrina, MD, demonstates the prevention of ureteral injury while performing an endoscopic hysterectomy.
Preventing ureteral injury at hysterectomy: Expert approach
Preventing ureteral injury at hysterectomy: Expert approach
Certain patients are at increased risk of ureteral injury during endoscopic hysterectomy due to differences in anatomy. The right tools and techniques will protect them from injury and complications.
Robotic revolution in gynecologic surgery?
Robotic technology has already revolutionized laparoscopic urologic surgery. Will gynecologic surgery be next?