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Rebecca G. Rogers, MD
Dr Rogers is Associate Chair for Clinical Integrations and Operations, Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin.
Managing complications of perineal lacerations
Managing complications of perineal lacerations
This article reviews complications that may occur following perineal trauma, techniques to help prevent these complications, and best practices for management using case vignettes.
Beyond Kegels: When do gynecologic problems call for physical therapy?
Most gynecologic problems require multidisciplinary treatment. An often-overlooked modality is formalized physical therapy provided by individuals trained in the treatment of gynecologic problems.
Grand Rounds: Managing future pregnancies after a severe perineal laceration
What do you tell a pregnant patient with a previous third- or fourth-degree tear, for whom another vaginal delivery raises the risk of further injury? Can some women safely have a trial of labor? Diagnose occult tears with ultrasound, advise these experts—and use it to assess the anal sphincters of all incontinent women.