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Brian A. Levine, MD, MS, FACOG
Dr. Levine is Practice Director at the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, New York, New York.
VIDEO: The view through Google Glass
What does the world look like through Google Glass?
MyGlass gives users private access to advanced device data
One of my favorite features of Glass is its ability to connect to my online-based life. I use a number of Google products (Gmail, GCal, Google Drive, etc. ... ), but I don't use an Android phone. I use an iPhone, which is supported by Glass!
Time-lapse photography and ART
Time-lapse photography applied to embryo development is commonly called morphokinetics, because it combines the morphological criteria that are typically used for embryo grading/evaluation with the kinetics of development for each embryo at certain predefined checkpoints.
VIDEO: How will Google Glass affect the healthcare industry?
Google Glass Explorers Brian Levine, MD, MS, and John Nosta, a health and technology expert and Forbes contributor, discuss their opinions on Google Glass and how they think it is and will affect the healthcare industry.
An Ob/Gyn's Journey with Google Glass: Chapter 1
Brian A. Levine, MD, MS shares his insight and opinions about his personal and professional use of Google Glass. Dr. Levine is a clinical fellow at the Ronald O. Perleman & Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical College at New York Presbyterian Hospital.
PHOTO: A physician's view through Google Glass in the operating room
Brian Levine, MD, MS, shows and explains a photo he took while wearing Google Glass in a vacant operating room.
VIDEO: An introduction to Google Glass for physician use
Contemporary OB/GYN technology columnist Brian A. Levine, MD, MS, discusses Google Glass in his first video about how physicians can take advantage of the new technology.
Bioprinting: Creative disruptive technology
3-D printing has applications across the field of medicine and will drastically change training, treatment, and even transplantation.
Consumer tech brings big changes for 2014 and beyond
New apps, hardware, and software bring powerful functions to patients and physicians.
EHR benefits and costs
The Contemporary OB/GYN tech experts address the learning curve associated with an EHR adoption.