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Paula J. Adams Hillard, MD, Section Editor
Ob/gyn Stat Bite: Use of Contraception
A valuable infographic showing types of contraception used by American women of various ages, education levels, and ethnicities.
OB/GYN Stat Bite: Fetal and perinatal mortality
A new CDC report shows that while perinatal mortality rates are continuing to decline—down 10% since 2000—the US fetal mortality rate for the latest study period (2006–2012) did not improve.
Ob/gyn stat bite: Personal health indicators
A look at the methods Americans use to keep track of how they keep healthy.
Ob/gyn information sources
What information do ob/gyns need and where do they get it? The answers are in a recent survey.
Preconception health indicators
Where in the US are women most likely to stop drinking before they get pregnant? Get a checkup? Take folic acid? The CDC recently asked these questions to find out how to reduce risky preconception behavior.
ICD-10 and the ob/gyn INFOGRAPHIC
Click to see the increases in obstetrical codes, diagnostic codes, and procedure codes presented in graphic form.