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James Greenberg, MD
Dr. Greenberg is Chief, Division of Gynecology, Brigham & Women’s Faulkner Hospital, and Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.
Tools Test Drive: Electro Lube and WiCAM
Dr Greenberg reports on his results with an anti-stick solution for electrosurgery and a wireless endoscope camera.
Product Reviews: Clear-Trac V Vaginal Retractor and MiniLap Percutaneous System with MiniGrip handle
Dr Greenberg test drives 2 new products to see if they can be of use in your practice.
Product reviews: Pro-Nox and Alexis CES
Hands-on ratings of a patient-controlled inhaled analgesia system and a bag for contained tissue extraction.
Product Reviews: C-SATS and Traxi
Our reviewer took two products for gynecologic surgeons for a test drive. Here's what he found.
Product Review: Technologies for laparoscopic contained tissue extraction
Newer surgical techniques to facilitate the extraction of uterine tumors in a containment system have sufficiently advanced to make the small risk of spreading an unanticipated malignancy even smaller.
Product Review: The neoClose
For surgeons who use fascial closure devices, neoClose occupies a place of its own at the head of the class.
Product review: T'Lift and PKS BiLL
In this first installment of a regular series, a doctor test-drives two surgical tools and finds them friendly and functional.