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Mae Zakhour, MD
Techniques for salpingectomy at time of hysterectomy
Bilateral salpingectomy should be considered in patients who are already undergoing hysterectomy for other indications.
The birth of new beginnings: Reflections at the end of residency and fellowship
Change. It is a concept and a system of livelihood that defines our training. These include changes in the conditions of our patients, in the standard of care, and in the daily workflow. Permutations of change occur on rounds and in the operating room, which is what we learn to expect and accept.
Slowing down: Veering from the modus operandi
Contemporary OB/GYN's Resident blogger reflects on the way that time changes on the job from the rush of morning rounds to the agonizingly slow minutes while watching fetal heart rate tracings in prolonged decelerations.
The intangibles of medical training: No benchmark established
In this era of highly regulated medical training, most residency and fellowship programs establish rigorous educational objectives and procedural curricula for their trainees. Guided by the expectations set by ACOG and ABOG, Ob/Gyn training programs rely upon structured didactic sessions and guided reading recommendations to keep their residents in compliance with these benchmarks.