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Cheryl Bisera
Cheryl Bisera is a marketing consultant, author and speaker with extensive experience in marketing and business promotion. She is founder of Cheryl Bisera Consulting, a California-based image development and marketing company that focuses on the healthcare industry. Cheryl is also the co-author of The Patient-Centered Payoff, published by Greenbranch Publishing.
4 smart moves to save time & money in your practice
Practical tips for eliminating unnecessary steps and time-sappers in your daily operations.
What you’re missing without a mission statement
A mission statement is a powerful tool that can drive practice growth, productivity and success when thoughtfully developed and properly utilized.
Surveys: How, when, why
Surveys: How, when, why
Surveying patients and referral sources can provide surprising feedback and ideas as well as alert practice leaders to needed change. With these best practice tips you can survey like a pro and get results that guide practice decisions for a bright future!
The importance of patient loyalty
Read and learn techniques for bridging the gap from satisfied patients to loyal patients. One gets you by, the other ensures you thrive.
Get your practice vibe on!
Even customer service, as vital to patients as it is, does not stand alone to create a stellar impression on patients. Your practice must excel in providing an intentional patient experience beyond the exam room.
We’re here to serve you – really!
Make it easy for patients to use and love your practice by prioritizing the patient experience and see repeat business, referrals, and revenue grow.
Looking at your practice through patient eyes
Though patient feedback is an excellent feedback resource, it has limitations. There are two additional ways to view your practice more objectively.
Winning patients over while asking for money
How to equip staff to actually ask patients for payment.
The technology factor: Tools to help you collect from patients
If you want to increase practice profitability and haven’t mastered patient collections, consider how you might employ technology to help you succeed in the new high deductible landscape.
Increase patient collections by developing a policy for success
With high deductible health plans on the rise, patients are expected to shoulder more of the cost of healthcare; yet practices are finding it difficult to collect. In part because patients don't understand their plans; but also because staff may be unprepared to collect patient obligations.