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Lisa A. Eramo, MA
How to manage hepatitis C patients under MACRA
Improved documentation and data can not only improve wellness, but also a practice’s value scores
Easy guide to coding to collect what you are owed
How to avoid denials,
 collect what you are owed
Think carefully before engaging patients via text
According to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, physicians and patients can exchange unsecured emails as long as patients are aware of and accept any potential privacy and security risks.
3 tips for developing a budget-friendly patient engagement strategy
Consider these three tips to engage patients while being mindful of the practice’s budget
How to improve patient engagement through technology
Electronic health records and portals are not perfect, but they do offer physicians a way to connect with patients
Are your CCM codes correct?
Greater scrutiny of CCM services could be on the way, perhaps even denials. So physicians should ensure they are coding the right way the first time.
Is advanced care planning billable?
Physicians can bill advanced care planning regardless of whether a patient fills out the relevant legal forms, but should review payer contracts to ensure it is a billable service.
How to avoid TCM coding denials
CMS and most commercial payers began to pay for TCM in 2013, but physicians continue to see denials. Experts believe there could be several reasons why.
Prolonged services payments on the rise
The good news is that payment for prolonged services rose in 2017. The bad news is that the feds are taking a closer look at use of these codes.
Here's why high-level E/M codes mean more money
Here's why high-level E/M codes mean more money
When documented and coded appropriately, high-level E/M codes translate into greater reimbursement than their lower-level counterparts