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Ben Schwartz
Ben Schwartz is Associate Editor, Contemporary OB/GYN.
New Products: Hybrid basket, grabber provides capture, release of multiple stone sizes
Other products discussed include a stent system for treating ureteral obstructions, a male infertility test, and more.
Uro Pipeline: Data from mUC combination therapy suggests efficacy, safety
Other pipeline developments discussed include a bladder cancer test, a male infertility assay, and the first oral dosage treatment for hypogonadism.
Entrepreneur bets on farm fresh eggs to soothe sensitive skin conditions
A fourth-generation soap artisan has created a company and skincare line that uses farm fresh eggs to relieve dermatologic conditions such as atopic dermatitis and eczema.
New Products: Test launched to improve prostate biopsy decision process
Other new products discussed in this article include a surgical training model, devices designed to improve prostate biopsy accuracy, an updated label and more.
Uro Pipeline: FDA committee votes in favor of nocturia treatment approval
Other pipeline developments discussed in this article include the initiation of an intravesical bladder cancer study, a gel treatment for ED that has met its primary endpoint, a patent awarded for the first rechargeable implantable SNM along with some other advancements.
Study: Wearable patch may minimize peanut allergy
Study: Wearable patch may minimize peanut allergy
A wearable skin patch (Viaskin, DBV Technologies) may help treat peanut allergy, specifically in children and young adults, according to one-year results of an ongoing trial sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and conducted by the NIAID-funded Consortium of Food Allergy Research(CoFAR).
Tips for taking advantage of Labor Day 2016
Tips for taking advantage of Labor Day 2016
Dermatologists, once considered generally immune to burnout, are seeing a sharp increase in occupational fatigue and we're offering some ideas for this Labor Day Weekend to help regain that strong work-life balance.
Uro Pipeline: Bladder Ca drug-device combination begins second phase Ib trial
A bladder cancer drug-device combination, a localized prostate cancer agent, and a new surgical robot are among other treatments in the pipeline discussed in this round-up.
Help for dealing with staff conflict
Help for dealing with staff conflict
Some motivational quotes for helping dermatologists deal with staff conflict in their office.
New Products: FDA approves combination regimen to treat advanced RCC
Other products discussed in this roundup include a smart-mobile connected ultrasound device, treatments for RCC, and more.