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Nancy Monson
Nancy Monson is a freelance writer and certified health coach whose work has appeared in numerous major clinical and consumer print and online publications.
Women’s impressions of BV episodes, recurrences, and care
Women with bacterial vaginosis (BV) are both frustrated and dissatisfied with treatments for the condition and its likelihood of recurring.
Infertility and the vaginal microbiome
Healthy women have higher levels of protective lactobacilli in their vaginal microbiome than women with infertility, according to a recent cross-sectional study.
Brain activation differs in women with HSDD and those with normal sexual function
Studies of hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) traditionally have focused on behavioral and biologic components of the disease. A new multicenter study, however, sheds light on brain activation patterns during sexual arousal in women with the condition.
Breast cancer survivors report poor sexual health
An Austrian study highlights the need for ob/gyns to counsel breast cancer survivors about sexual health issues, even years after their treatment for the disease
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