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Barbara Hesselgrave
New Mexico—a frontier still breaking new ground
New Mexico's state motto is “The Land of Enchantment,” but it might also be dubbed the The Land of Opportunity. Pharmacists here are increasingly breaking barriers to deliver frontline, provider care services in an environment that fosters innovations for the profession, students, and patients.
Pharmacists and the battle over medical foods
Community pharmacists are caught in the middle of a battle between patients and their health insurers over how the federal government defines medical foods and how patients are paying for them.
FDA panel favors combo IR opioid
While the panel recommended approval of the new product, it did not find sufficient evidence for abuse-deterrent labeling.
Vision, purpose, and passion drive leaders in pharmacy
One other thing that really good leaders have: Really good managers.
New patient-care opportunities begin with a "blueprint"
Pharmacists who want to move forward in their professional practice need structure and guidelines. These might fill the bill.
ACOs, pharmacists, and value-based healthcare
A rural hospital's director of pharmacy tells how ACO membership cut ER visits and healthcare costs — and improved patient care.
When seconds count, pharmacists can make the difference
Cardiac arrest code teams need pharmacists. Here's why.
Irregular perimenopausal bleeding as a 'red flag'
It rarely signifies uterine cancer, according to this study.
NSAIDs and menstrual blood loss
NSAIDs and menstrual blood loss
Should NSAIDs be first-line treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding?
Pharmacogenomics: The right med, the right dose, every time
Pharmacogenomics: The right med, the right dose, every time
Three-quarters of the time, meds prescribed for many common conditions don't work. When the day comes that meds are routinely personalized to the patient, this will cease to be an issue.