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Maternal Mortality Substance Abuse

Opioid abuse and its sequelae: Treatment strategies for ob/gynsIn the second part of Dr. Lockwood's editorial on opioids, he discusses steps that ob/gyns can take to help limit opioid use disorder in our pregnant and non-pregnant patients.
The opioid crisis: Prenatal and postnatal care
The opioid crisis: Prenatal and postnatal careOb/gyns are on the front line of the opioid epidemic and have a responsibility to recognize, treat, refer, and advocate for pregnant women with opioid use disorder.
Why is there an opioid crisis?Like the road to hell, the road to the opioid crisis was paved with good intentions.
The opioid pain reliever epidemicThe aim of this article is to educate ob/gyns about what not to do for acute and chronic pain, in the hope that increased awareness will help us prevent suffering and loss of life from opioid pain relievers.