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Opioid abuse and its sequelae: Treatment strategies for ob/gynsIn the second part of Dr. Lockwood's editorial on opioids, he discusses steps that ob/gyns can take to help limit opioid use disorder in our pregnant and non-pregnant patients.
The opioid crisis: Prenatal and postnatal careOb/gyns are on the front line of the opioid epidemic and have a responsibility to recognize, treat, refer, and advocate for pregnant women with opioid use disorder.
LaparoVue Visibility SystemJames Greenberg, MD, reviews the LaparoVue Visibility System, a single-use, disposable system designed to eliminate fogging while cleaning laparoscopes and trocars during a procedure.
Maternal Mortality Postpartum Hemorrhage ResourcesA collection of standards, guidelines, tools and articles for the OB managing postpartum hemorrhage.
Hemorrhage results in cesarean hysterectomyAllegations in this case include extended use of oxytocin and allowing labor to continue too long.
Avoiding complications in endoscopic surgeryPlanning up front for an endoscopic gynecologic surgical procedure is the best way to prevent an injury or complication.
How to prepare for postpartum hemorrhageThe aim of this paper is not to outline a specific medical-surgical algorithm for managing PPH, but rather to give an overview for system-wide preparedness that should be considered in planning to mitigate this frequent, potentially life-threatening, obstetrical emergency.