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Maternal death from intracranial hemorrhageA 34-year-old Ohio woman was under the care of her longtime family physician, who had minor privileges to deliver uncomplicated pregnancies at a specific hospital, for her pregnancy. The woman is diagnosed with eclampsia in her third trimester and is immediately given a cesarean. After delivery, she is unresponsive having died from a massive intracranial hemorrhage. The physician is sued for fraudulently representing her abilities in obstetric care. What's the verdict?
Fertile technologiesHere I review 3 of the newest technologies that are helping patients achieve their dreams of becoming parents.
Clinical reference for the ob/gyn: Surgical anatomy of the pelvisIn this chapter, Ceccaroni and colleagues set the stage for performing minimally invasive procedures by focusing on the anatomy of the pelvis.
Zika effects are more than microcephaly (VIDEO)For Contemporary OB/GYN, Dr Bobby Lazzara looks at a recent study published in JAMA Neurology. The study examined children from Brazil who had congenital Zika virus infection and the impact of the disease.
Does night shift work increase risk of breast cancer?A study examines whether night shift work actually increases the risk of breast cancer. Plus: What perinatal risk factors may increase the risk of obsessive compulsive disorder in children?
Safe contraception for women with medical conditionsObesity, headaches, PID among conditions that warrant special consideration.
Should HPV screening intervals be extended for some women?A new study questions whether current HPV testing intervals can be extended for some. Plus: Can azithromycin prophylaxis prevent post infection in women who have undergone a cesarean?
What to say and do right when things go terribly wrong in obstetricsPatients remember how you respond to adverse pregnancy outcomes such as stillbirth and fetal loss.
7 Simple Ways to Find Joy in MedicinePracticing medicine isn't just about the tangible rewards. Sometimes it's the intangible rewards that provide the most fulfillment.
Three-parent babies: What does the future hold? (VIDEO)For Contemporary OB/GYN, Dr Bobby Lazzara looks at the recent spindle nuclear transfer performed in Mexico which resulted in a child, the first one created with genetic material from 3 adults, and examines the possible implications.