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Transcervical balloon catheter: no tension neededResearchers looked at time to catheter expulsion and time to delivery.
ACA’s impact on contraception choiceHow has the Affordable Care Act changed what contraceptives women use? Plus: Does exercise protect against coronary heart disease?
Cost major barrier to NIPT use, say physiciansChanges to practice guidelines and insurance coverage are needed, the authors say.
Ethical considerations to NIPTA look at the frameworks for decision-making regarding reproductive choice and prenatal testing.
Does alcohol impact ability to conceive? (VIDEO)For Contemporary OB/GYN, Dr Bobby Lazzara discusses key findings of a study published in the British Journal of Medicine. The study looked at whether alcohol consumption and the amount of alcohol consumed had an impact of a woman's ability to conceive.
Does gender make a difference in sleep patterns?A study looks at whether women are at greater risk of sleep problems than their male counterparts. Also, are cesarean deliveries increasing the risk of childhood obesity? Plus: A study highlights the need for further research in postpartum psychosis.
Legally Speaking: Was this forceps delivery appropriate?A patient charges that her infant’s injuries could have been avoided.
Changing the paradigm of the physician-industry relationshipTwo-way collaboration may be the new paradigm for interactions between clinicians and commercial interests.
Are MRI scans safe during pregnancy?A study examines the safety of MRI scans during pregnancy. Plus: Researchers at Florida State University identify several compound that could combat Zika.
Hemolytic disease in ABO-incompatible preterm infantsA study looks at the incidence of hemolytic reactions in preterm newborns.