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The role of IVF with PGS in recurrent miscarriageConsequences of reproductive aging include infertility, an increased likelihood of isolated spontaneous abortion (SAB), and likely an increased likelihood of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL).
IUD Issues: Zero in with ultrasoundPelvic sonography, especially transvaginal 3D imaging, is critical for identifying malpositioned and embedded IUDs.
Safe contraception for women with medical conditionsObesity, headaches, PID among conditions that warrant special consideration.
Maternal death from intracranial hemorrhageA 34-year-old Ohio woman was under the care of her longtime family physician, who had minor privileges to deliver uncomplicated pregnancies at a specific hospital, for her pregnancy. The woman is diagnosed with eclampsia in her third trimester and is immediately given a cesarean. After delivery, she is unresponsive having died from a massive intracranial hemorrhage. The physician is sued for fraudulently representing her abilities in obstetric care. What's the verdict?
Fertile technologiesHere I review 3 of the newest technologies that are helping patients achieve their dreams of becoming parents.
Clinical reference for the ob/gyn: Surgical anatomy of the pelvisIn this chapter, Ceccaroni and colleagues set the stage for performing minimally invasive procedures by focusing on the anatomy of the pelvis.