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Understanding liability as an attending physicianWith more and more hospitals in recent years evolving their own employees into attending physician roles, this appellate decision clarifies the parameters of everyone’s responsibilities—and the need for specificity in determining duties and protocols when a private attending physician is in charge.
Legally Speaking: Claim of failure to test for cystic fibrosisThis case emphasizes the importance of keeping detailed records of each patient encounter.
Physicians: Don't skip your security risk assessmentUntil they’ve opened a letter from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) notifying them that their practice is being audited for HIPAA compliance, many physicians don’t realize the gravity of the situation their practices may be facing.
Legally Speaking: Did induction cause this uterine rupture?An ob/gyn saves a patient's life and uterus, but then is faced with a lawsuit.
Do you need malpractice tail coverage?In today’s evolving healthcare system, physicians are changing practice settings more often than ever.
How to prevent malpractice lawsuits due to EHR errors
How to prevent malpractice lawsuits due to EHR errorsThe rise of electronic health records that don’t always work well can lead to liability risks if managed incorrectly.
Telemedicine empowers patients, but challenges physicians
Telemedicine empowers patients, but challenges physiciansThe rapid expansion and evolution of telemedicine in the U.S. brings with it increased access at lower costs for patients and growing competition for physicians from providers with regional, national and international reputations.