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Informed consent Is evolving: Now what?Dr. Surgery undertook a weekend blepharoplasty course at a well-respected, nationally recognized occuloplastic surgery program. He has since performed three procedures. Dr. Surgery covered the risks with his patients and received both oral and written consent. His third patient unfortunately suffers the rare complication of retrobulbar hematoma and blindness and sues. Should he be concerned?
Legally Speaking: Was this forceps delivery appropriate?A patient charges that her infant’s injuries could have been avoided.
Advocacy group aims to close malpractice loophole in NPDB
Advocacy group aims to close malpractice loophole in NPDBA loophole exists that allows a physician to avoid being reported to the NPDB if a malpractice plaintiff agrees to dismiss the practitioner from a lawsuit or claim, leaving a hospital or other corporate entity as the sole defendant.
Legally Speaking: Pre-trial agreements alter monetary awardsTwo cases illustrate how jury verdicts and awards to plaintiffs may differ drastically in medical malpractice trials.
Was this pregnancy termination properly managed?The plaintiff’s lawyers alleged that the defendants caused the perforation during the D & C, failed to recognize it intraoperatively, and failed to repair it at the time.
Understanding liability as an attending physicianWith more and more hospitals in recent years evolving their own employees into attending physician roles, this appellate decision clarifies the parameters of everyone’s responsibilities—and the need for specificity in determining duties and protocols when a private attending physician is in charge.
Legally Speaking: Claim of failure to test for cystic fibrosisThis case emphasizes the importance of keeping detailed records of each patient encounter.
Physicians: Don't skip your security risk assessmentUntil they’ve opened a letter from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) notifying them that their practice is being audited for HIPAA compliance, many physicians don’t realize the gravity of the situation their practices may be facing.