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Maternal Mortality - Etiologies and Risk Factors

Maternal Mortality Special Series
Cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in pregnancyManagement challenges in pregnancies complicated by maternal heart disease are complex, requiring ongoing involvement of a team of specialists.
Trimester zero (Part 1 of 2)Preconception care is primary prevention. The goal is to affirm pregnancy intention, reduce any potential harm, and recognize modifiable risk factors related to pregnancy while stratifying pregnancies on a continuum of low- to high-risk.
Lessons of severe maternal morbidityA better understanding of the care and outcomes of women with severe morbidity who survive should provide insight into ways to improve care for all women and reduce both severe morbidity and mortality.
Cardiovascular disease in pregnancy: What ob/gyns need to knowNormal physiologic complaints of pregnancy overlap with cardiac-related symptoms. A multidisciplinary approach is critically important for care of a pregnant woman with heart disease.
Sickle cell disease in pregnancy
Sickle cell disease in pregnancyPregnancy is risky for women with sickle cell disease. This overview examines concerns for the mother and fetus to help you manage the risks.
Eyes on maternal health: Metabolic conditions and ASDAutism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are etiologically complex. Evidence that the origin begins in utero has made maternal conditions as risk factors during pregnancy the focus of increasing research.