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Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing and diagnosis (PLAYLIST)

Video playlist on prenatal genetic testing, screening, and diagnosis, featuring speakers Joan A. Scott, Dennis Lo, Jane Cheuh, and Mary E. Norton.

Prenatal Genetic Testing

Fetal DNA from Pap tests?Trophoblast retrieval and isolation from the cervix (TRIC) may one day lead to early identification of fetal genetic disorders.
The role of IVF with PGS in recurrent miscarriageConsequences of reproductive aging include infertility, an increased likelihood of isolated spontaneous abortion (SAB), and likely an increased likelihood of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL).
Cost major barrier to NIPT use, say physiciansChanges to practice guidelines and insurance coverage are needed, the authors say.
Ethical considerations to NIPTA look at the frameworks for decision-making regarding reproductive choice and prenatal testing.
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: Its time is nowIndications for PGD have extended far beyond single-gene disorders.
SMFM consult: Chromosomal microarray for prenatal diagnosisYour questions about this screening technique answered.
Expanded carrier screening: Are you prepared?
Expanded carrier screening: Are you prepared?Expanded screening answers questions that were unanswerable in the past, but brings with it new uncertainties.
New ACOG Committee Opinion: routine cfDNA screening not neededcfDNA screening should not be performed in the general obstetric population, according to this Opinion.
cfDNA testing shows promise as primary aneuploidy screenWill cell-free DNA testing replace amniocentesis?
Cell-free DNA testing: Preferred for detection of fetal aneuploidy
Cell-free DNA testing: Preferred for detection of fetal aneuploidyInvasive prenatal diagnosis may soon be completely replaced by noninvasive assessment of maternal plasma cell-free DNA.