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Rating scale criteria for sexual desire differ between clinician, patientIn large part, clinicians and patients do not see eye to eye when it comes to what they consider important criteria for a rating scale assessing female sexual desire, according to a literature review
Sex hormones only part of the equation in modulating HSDDAccording to a literature review, apart from the essential role that sex hormones play in modulating hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) through therapeutic interventions, a comprehensive understanding of the biologic mechanisms underlying the disorder is imperative.
Study: Fetal head station during OVD does not increase sexual dysfunction/postpartum depressionMidpelvic attempted operative vaginal delivery (aOVD) does not increase risk of sexual dysfunction in women or their male partners nor are the women more likely to manifest symptoms of maternal postpartum depression at 6 months compared to counterparts who had low pelvic aOVD, according to a prospective study.
Flibanserin can cause weight loss in pre/postmenopausal women with HSDD Premenopausal and postmenopausal women treated with the combined agonist/antagonist flibanserin for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) are likely to lose weight, according to a post hoc analysis of five studies.
Detecting genital arousal much harder in women with arousal-specific sexual dysfunctionWomen with arousal-specific sexual dysfunction are significantly less likely to perceive when their genitals are sexually aroused compared to women who have decreased sexual function or are sexually functional, according to an analysis of data from 5 studies
Cancer adversely affects sexual functioning in young adultsMore than half of young adults between ages 18 and 39 with a cancer diagnosis reported problems with sexual function, according to a 2-year longitudinal study.
Stepwise Approach to Treat Sexual Dysfunction in WomenA stepwise approach ensures that all the potential issues and needs affecting a women’s sexual dysfunction are addressed prior to initiating management strategies.
Hormonal and Pharmaceutical Treatment ApproachesAn integral part of a treatment plan for managing sexual dysfunction in women is the use of hormonal and pharmaceutical agents, a variety of which are available.
How prevalent is Hypoactive Sexual Disorder (HSDD)?Learn about the prevalence of HSDD and hear from Key Opinion Leaders about its effect on premenopausal women.
Talking about female sexual dysfunction in specific patient populationsFor particular groups of women, reluctance to talk about sexual difficulties may be enhanced by perceived societal judgements and misconceptions.