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Study: Several important vaginal metabolites elevated in smokersWomen who smoke cigarettes may be more susceptible to urogenital infections and have more vaginal malodor, according to a cross-sectional study.
Infertility and the vaginal microbiomeHealthy women have higher levels of protective lactobacilli in their vaginal microbiome than women with infertility, according to a recent cross-sectional study.
Trichomoniasis update
Trichomoniasis updateThe CDC recently updated guidelines for treatment, but this common STI is considered "neglected" by some experts.
Vaginal self-sampling for STIsA self-sampling device being used in Canada is receiving high marks from patients.
Recurrent vulvovaginitis: Tips for treating a common condition
Recurrent vulvovaginitis: Tips for treating a common conditionClinicians routinely encounter patients with bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis. Here’s how to differentiate and treat these bothersome conditions.